MUSIC REVIEW: Matt Cory - "Another Day in Paradise"

Have you ever woke up after a night of partying and revelry? Then proceeded to recount the happenings and turn it into a song. Matt Cory has. Here's the review of his latest single "Another Day in Paradise" from his new EP "Let's Go Downtown" due out March 30, 2024.


Check out his new single in the file attached below. You can listen to it while you read his first review here courtesy of Thushara Chandrasiri at 


Here's the review:


Canadian artist Matt Cory has brought out his latest single, Another Day in Paradise. An infectious rock track which has plenty of grit and swagger, this song packs a punch and is filled with energy throughout. 


Matt Cory has an unapologetic but confident style to his songwriting, which is really quite nice to see because it acts as a reminder that we should not be afraid to speak our truth and just be real with ourselves and life with all our wonderful quirks and uniqueness. 


Available now, check out Another Day in Paradise right now.


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